When Did Ballroom Dancing Become So Popular?

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It happened overnight but a few years ago ballroom dancing went from your grandma’s favourite dance trend (before she discovered zumba) to the UK’s favourite pass time! When you think about it it’s easy to see why: the glamorous costumes, the dramatic music and exercise that is actually fun! Ballroom dancing really is one of the most fun and effective ways to stay in shape so it’s time to start sewing sequins to your skirts and start taking lessons to see the benefits for yourself:

Fabulous Flexibility

Tune into any popular dancing competition on the box and you’ll be floored by the contestants flexibility, they bend and move around the stage as though they’re made of rubber and they look fantastic. Ballroom dancing teaches you key stretching exercises that help prepare your body to perform impressive steps with ease. Your body becomes more flexible with every move, soon you’ll be lunging, stretching and bending with the best of them.

Dance Your Way To Strength

The more time you spend dancing with your partner the more your strength will increase. Ballroom dancing focusses on training your muscles to resist your own body weight by performing torso intensive moves like swift turns and spinning and male dancers build up leg muscle by lifting their female partners into the air so keep it up for taut toned muscles.

It’s not only your muscles that are strengthened through ballroom dancing, your weight bearing bones feel the benefit of all that side-to-side movement which makes them stronger and lowers your risk of developing osteoporosis.

Dancing With A Smile On Your Face

Many people use dancing as both an emotional outlet and a way to bond with a group. Ballroom dancing is a social activity that brings people together which has a positive effect on mental health, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like getting glamorous and shimmering to the music? So get glittery, get fit, make new friends and dance the night away!

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